Media leasing and media Buying Assorted graphics Design: Stamps,logos, and all the above.
IT maintenance and reparation services Web design and Development Computer programming services (software release)
Event organization and management Assorted consultancy services

Graphic Design and Print

Only creative and catching designs get your message “Out there”. From logo
and brand creation through full interactive media presentations, we will design
your artwork from scratch, based on your specific requirements. Your will have
various pranging option available to you depending on the product of choice.

• Design and printing for all personal selling tools and communication material (flyers, leaflets, brochures, menu’s. company stationery, invitations, product brochures, newsletters, annual reports and company magazines and posters etc.)
• Company Diaries and Calendars.
• Interactive, multimedia product presentations and company profiles.
• Product catalogs and company capabilities.
• Completes site design, production, hosting and maintenance.
• Flash design and coding and CD duplication.
• Vehicle branding and Positioning
• Wall painting
• Business premises branding
• Offset printing / Digital printing: Flyers, Booklets, Posters, Business cards, Invitation Cards, Badges, Magazines,
• Calendars, etc.
• Promotional materials: T-shirts, caps, Key-holders, Name-tags, Gift-bags, etc.
• Identity cards
• Pull up and Tear drops
• Billboards and Banners

Indoor & Outdoor LED-Light SCREEN

Touch Media Design Ltd proposae digital solution for your esteemed company. we have expanded the digital advertisements in to various categories.
Dynamic & Exciting : Outdoor & Indoor digital displays are the most exciting and dynamic formats in the
out-of-home advertisement industry. This advanced LED technology rotates static advertising messages every Sixty seconds, offering advertisers new opportunities to deliver real-time messages to the traveling public. It has transformed the world’s oldest advertising medium into one of today’s most effective marketing vehicles.
Multiple Messages & One Location : Outdoor & Indoor digital advertising edge springs from its ability to deliver multiple messages at a single location, allowing marketers to deliver the right content at just the right time.
Spots : We offer you more than 350 spots per day and adverts run 24/7 with sound.
High Reach : We offer locations in high-impact areas, Spend fewer advertising dollars and maintain your current exposure.
Localize your message to geographic or demographic targets.
Delivers a timely message targeted to active consumers who are to buy and are often conveniently at the point of sale.
1. Outdoor Led Panel 8x4 m PH10
2. Arival immigration P4 indoor Led Screen 4.8m(W) x 1.44m(H)
3. Baggage clam P4 indoor Led Screen 4.8m(W) x 1.44m(H)
4. Departure check in P4 indoor Led Screen 4.32m(W) x 1.44m(H)
5. P3 indoor departure gate Led Screen 4.80m(W) x 1.92m(H)

Our Products

Marketing materials: Gazebo’s, Roll-up banners, PVC banners, Billboards, Vehicle brandind, Nametags, Menus Corporate branding: Interior, signage Print materials: Posters, Calendars, Stickers, Reports, Folders, Books, Cards, Programmes, Certificates, Newsletters, Stationary for doctors, such as Mate pads, Prescription pads, and Sick leave certificates etc.
Promotional items: T-shirts, Promotional gifts Packaging: Gift wrap paper, branded paper bags, printed note stick pad etc.....

Photography and Audio Visual

Capturing of your event through photography and video capturing The provision of well presented photographs and video through the enhancement of photographs and video through by using modern and professional editing services.
Specialty advertising Corporate gifts (including arts and craft gifts)

Event Management

A complete project management package for workshops,
conferences and launch events covering all logical aspects, design of
electronic and printed communication material
Administration and project management of the pre and post event
Branding of our clients events with indoor and outdoor products
Clients have the option of utilizing individual aspects of the package.

Why touch Media?

We take a strategic approach to your marketing
We question & constantly push the boundaries
We take a holistic approach to planning the marketing
We hve dedicated specialists that work within a team
You find us strong on design (conceiving),
implementation & management

Development of Marketing &Promotional Products

Production of branding products Specialty advertising Corporate gifts (including arts & craft gifts)

Product Packaging

Custom branded paper bags (including printed wrapping paper) Branding company brand on all types of product packaging