Touch Media Design Ltd proposae digital solution for your esteemed company. we have expanded the digital advertisements in to various categories.
Dynamic & Exciting : Outdoor & Indoor digital displays are the most exciting and dynamic formats in the
out-of-home advertisement industry. This advanced LED technology rotates static advertising messages every Sixty seconds, offering advertisers new opportunities to deliver real-time messages to the traveling public. It has transformed the world’s oldest advertising medium into one of today’s most effective marketing vehicles.
Multiple Messages & One Location : Outdoor & Indoor digital advertising edge springs from its ability to deliver multiple messages at a single location, allowing marketers to deliver the right content at just the right time.
Spots : We offer you more than 350 spots per day and adverts run 24/7 with sound.
High Reach : We offer locations in high-impact areas, Spend fewer advertising dollars and maintain your current exposure.
Localize your message to geographic or demographic targets.
Delivers a timely message targeted to active consumers who are to buy and are often conveniently at the point of sale.
1. Outdoor Led Panel 8x4 m PH10
2. Arival immigration P4 indoor Led Screen 4.8m(W) x 1.44m(H)
3. Baggage clam P4 indoor Led Screen 4.8m(W) x 1.44m(H)
4. Departure check in P4 indoor Led Screen 4.32m(W) x 1.44m(H)
5. P3 indoor departure gate Led Screen 4.80m(W) x 1.92m(H)